A downloadable game for Windows

Defend your subterranean lair from hordes of mutant monsters with your OWN horde of mutant monsters! Level up the hounds; feed them the spoils of war and turn them into new and exciting monsters ready to go toe-to-toe with the never-ending onslaught.  How long can  you survive the chaos of twisted nature meeting the most unnatural creations?


Mutation-Tower-Build.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Pan the mouse to move around the map.

Build hubs by clicking "Creature Hub" then a spot on the map. Assign creatures to the hub by clicking "New Creature" and then clicking on a hub. You can reassign creatures by pressing "Reassign Creature," selecting creatures, and then assigning them to the target hub.


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Little confusing at the start to figure out how to play, but after I figured out to place the creature hubs I was able to defend the little house for a while.

Graphics & camera controls are cool! Great job :)